LSI offers its Frexus™ line of products, which are bactericides and algicides that ensure effective sanitization in the food, beverage, and farming industries.

Loss avoidance begins before sowing and doesn’t end with harvesting. Pre- and post-harvest treatments with compounds to control microorganisms help bring fruits and vegetables fresh from the farmer to the consumer.

The Frexus™ CH Sanitizer is an innovative product with a simple application. It is based on high purity calcium hypochlorite and a unique formulation technique.

The formulation know-how ensures that the product forms the highly efficient hypochlorous acid molecules and keeps them active when dissolved in water. This ensures the largest possible presence of the hypochlorous acid molecules, which delivers the highest rate of microbial kill.

Frexus™ CH Sanitizer end-use applications also include treatment of potable water, effluent water, irrigation water, pre- and post-harvest treatments, equipment- and utensils-sanitation and carcass washing.

One added benefit of the Frexus™ CH Sanitizer line is that it combines its biocidal activity with fertilizing features.

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