Meta® Metaldehyde is the leading active ingredient against slugs and snails and specifically targets molluscs.

Slugs and snails can pose significant problems for both the professional grower of agricultural crops and gardeners. Molluscicidal baits that contain LSI`s Meta® active ingredient are an effective way of controlling slug and snail pests.

How Does Meta® Metaldehyde Work?

Meta® Metaldehyde acts directly and specifically on the mucous producing cells found only in slugs and snails. This action is irreversible and results in the death of the animal. Meta® Metaldehyde causes the mucous cells to secrete large amounts of mucous, therefore depleting their energy reserves by ultimately exhausting them. This happens irrespective of the temperature or the amount of moisture in the local environment. However, at lower temperatures the effect may occur more slowly.

Over the past few decades, Meta® Metaldehyde has proved to be a highly efficient molluscicide for the control of harmful slugs and snails. To provide maximum effect the active must be incorporated into a high quality bait that ensures palatability for molluscs as well as long-lasting integrity under humid conditions. Therefore end-users should look for the Meta® Metaldehyde quality logo on the product packaging

Uses of Meta® Metaldehyde

Meta® Metaldehyde can be used in the following areas where slugs or snails cause problems with damage to crops and plants:

  • Professional Agriculture
  • Fruit Growing and Horticulture
  • Gardening

Meta® Metaldehyde based slugs and snails pellets are the product of choice in both agriculture and domestic gardens. Look for the Meta® Metaldehyde quality logo on the pack when buying bait pellets. Wholesalers and retailers may contact us at any time to obtain information about the quality of the metaldehyde pellet products in their region.

Environmental Aspects

Meta® Metaldehyde provides efficient slugs and snails control. The active ingredient is highly specific acting on cells found only in molluscs when used as directed according to the individual product labels. Meta® Metaldehyde is not known to cause harm to beneficial organisms such as earthworms, bees or slug-eating ground beetles. It is also of low toxicity to other water and soil organisms. This makes it an ideal active ingredient for integrated production (IP) cultivation systems.

Product Stewardship and Commitment

LSI is committed to ensuring the responsible use of its products and advocates the use of appropriate doses according to the risks and within a fully integrated pest management approach. Cultural and other non-chemical tools can be valuable methods in tackling slug and snail problems and should be considered before the use of chemical control methods. LSI’s combined history, knowledge and commitment means no one understands slugs, snails and metaldehyde better than LSI.