A Healthier World for Everyone

We have come much closer in the last 150 years than ever before to make possible a reality where people and animals live with a significantly reduced risk of infection and disease. In hospitals, schools, food processing plants and other places, disinfectants are paving the way for a healthier world. But as science and medicine advance, population growth, congested cities and international travel increase the potential for transmission and lead to evolving strains of virus and bacteria such as COVID-19, the need for innovative, powerful disinfectants has never been greater.

The Case for Quats

Quaternary ammonium compounds, or quats, are indispensable in modern hygiene. A non-corrosive alternative to bleach and chlorine, they function as active ingredients in disinfectant formulations, helping to minimize the spread of pathogens in a variety of applications. Quats kill more than 150 types of bacteria, and products containing quats have proven effective against Norovirus, Ebola, Coronavirus, SARS, MRSA and cold and flu viruses.

The Benefits of Disinfectants

Contaminated surfaces can become transmission points for infection and disease. In healthcare facilities, food processing plants, schools and other public places, pathogens often spread via contact with contaminated countertops, desks, operating tables and other surfaces. Successful disinfectants eliminate pathogens and create a clean, hygienic environment, protecting your consumers from the risk of infection.

Preservatives that Work

Preservatives are a vital part of hygiene, keeping products working their best and preventing the growth of microorganisms that lead to potential negative effects on products aesthetics, product recalls and ultimately a danger to the health of consumers. When preservatives work well, the consumer is completely unaware of them—and that is how it should be. 

A Healthier World for Everyone

Contaminated surfaces can become transmission points for infection and disease.

A costly problem, and a powerful solution

  • Over 3 million people have died worldwide since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • 650,000 people die annually from flu worldwide.
  • Norovirus costs the U.S. $2 billion annually.
  • Quats kill more than 150 kinds of pathogens, including those that cause food poisoning, Coronavirus, flu and Norovirus.

Approved for use

Arxada advocates the responsible use of quats in disinfectants, and we will never recommend an approach unless it has been thoroughly researched and tested. After reviewing all the available information on quats, including studies, peer-reviewed articles and our own findings, we can confidently report that quats are an effective solution for maintaining a hygienic environment. Quat-based products have been approved by regulatory agencies around the world.

Advocating for the best possible solutions

As a global leader in hygiene solutions, Arxada is proud to supply quats for inclusion in thousands of disinfectant products developed by our customers around the world. By helping to formulate new, highly effective approaches to hygiene, we are moving closer every day to our vision of a world that has access to the best possible solutions to combat harmful microorganisms.

Our tools empower our customer’s journey

Arxada is a member of the Microbial Control Executive Council (MCEC), a group within the European Chemical Industry Council.  MCEC is committed to the betterment of public health through the advancement of sustainable microbial control technologies. Visit their website to discover more on microbial control and view some of the innovative solutions the industry has developed.

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Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.