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Our Material Protection business offers solutions that include anti-microbials, corrosion inhibitors, lubricants and a variety of other specialty additives. These products are used across a range of industries including Metal Working Fluids, Powdered Metal, Plastics, and Oil and Gas. Our Densil®, Omacide®, Proxel®, Lonzabac® and Vanquish® Metal Working Fluid products protect our customers’ fluid systems from harmful bacteria and fungi. They lengthen the use of a fluid system therefore providing sustainable solutions, that reduce system costs and waste. Our Acrawax® Powdered Metal lubricants are recognized as the high-quality industry standard lubricant, reducing the likelihood of wasted materials and increasing our customers’ manufacturing efficiency.

Over the last four decades, products made from polymer blends are becoming an increasing part of a consumer’s life. We have served the polymer industry with unique customer-specific product solutions of high quality and consistency. These products, such as Acrawax®, Glycolube® and Glycomul® additives are either protecting the polymer matrix (for example, lubricants) or are providing a unique property to the overall system such as its anti-static, anti-fogging effect. Typical examples for end applications would be car interior and under the hood, consumer electronics, ophthalmic and medical devices.

Our anti-microbial products, in particular the Vanquish® and Zinc Omadine® products are also additives of choice in applications such as carpet backing, bathmats, shower curtains, wallboards, plastic fencing, roof tiles etc. A growing consumer trend in the textile industry, specifically in sports active wear is to have anti-microbial additives as part of the formulation to minimize the bad odors caused by the bacteria from perspiration. Our products are also part of a significant number of premium athletic brands. In the Oil and Gas market, we provide high performance biocides such as our Bardac®, Barquat®, Vanocil® and Dantogard® products, Uniquat® and Akolidine® corrosion inhibitors, and SourBan® hydrogen sulphide scavengers, that are used to protect oil and gas production systems from aggressive corrosion conditions.