Oil &


LSI’s global portfolio of oil & gas performance ingredients are used in up-stream oil and gas activities including drilling, production, stimulation, and unconventional oil and gas recovery.
Our ingredients provide:

  • Corrosion inhibition
  • Biocidal control
  • H2S scavenging 

LSI focuses innovation on market-aligned solutions and high-performance chemicals for challenging technical environments.  Our regulatory experteise and extensive data packages allow us to support customers globally with solutions that are in compliance with the requirements of the applicable regulatory, environmental and safety standards.

Our team of specialists remain on the forefront of any changing regulations and policies to ensure the products we offer comply with the varying regional specific regulations that underpin today’s oil and gas industry.

Corrosion Inhibitors

LSI’s corrosion-inhibition technologies improve material integrity and extend the lifetime of operating assets. Our chemistries are used as components in corrosion-inhibitor formulations for use in oil and gas production, drilling and stimulation with sweet or sour process conditions.


Our biocides protect vital operating systems from bio-fouling and microbiologically-induced corrosion to support production reliability and eliminate downtime, helping to maximize customer profitability.

H2S Scavengers

LSI's patent pending hydrogen sulfide scavenger is non-triazine based, and due to the neutral pH of the product does not promote mineral scaling or corrosion. Our product can be formulated into production chemicals that are injected downhole to add H2S removal functionality. Sourban® PW Product is compatible with most production chemical formulations and therefore is a feasible ingredient option for multi-functional products. Using Sourban® PW Product can eliminate the need to inject triazine-based H2S scavengers on the surface.