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Paints & Coatings

Reliable solutions for in-can, dry-film protection

We are a global leader for Paints & Coatings which includes providing wet state preservation for waterborne architectural paint and other formulations in the building and construction market space. Additionally, we play a critical role in the protection of marine vessels from marine antifouling and offer best in class technology for paint dry film protection against defacement from algae and fungi. We are an innovation leader by providing effective solutions that are oriented to microbial control versus just biocides. Innovation efforts include providing slow release technologies and an increasing focus on using inert raw materials to provide efficacy in coating systems.

Customers know us through our Proxel®, Omadine®, Densil® and Umigard® global brands. Each brand conveys our leadership position in the various applications for microbial control ranging from protection on a homeowner facade to the hull of an ocean-going vessel.