Innovative treatment and application technologies to extend the life of wood

Arxada is a leading name in worldwide wood protection, with operations throughout Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, North and South America offering wood treating chemicals and related wood preservation technology.

Our wood protection products enhance the performance and increase the longevity of wood, one of the world’s greatest renewable resources.  We manufacture high-quality formulated products that protect wood from mold, insects, fungal decay and fire to help make the most of it as a sustainable and adaptable construction material.

Our proven preservative technologies extend the service life of lumber, ensuring it can be used as a high-performance material. Sapstain and mold control treatments keep lumber clean all the way from the sawmill to consumers’ doors.  Our heavy-duty industrial offerings protect wood in the harshest environments, including utility, railway, marine and agricultural applications.  Our market-leading formulations for glue line protection of strand and veneer-based engineered wood products secure the future of wood against alternative materials.  We support our customers with our flagship brands of Wolman®, Tanalith®, Dricon® and AntiBlu®.

Laboratories in Atlanta, GA (USA), Castleford (United Kingdom) and Melbourne (Australia) keep us in the forefront of international advancements.

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